Mafia II and Mafia III’s Definitive Editions out now

Last week, we reported that the entire Mafia series will be getting the remaster/ remake treatment. We were expecting more news to come out on the Definitive Editions yesterday, but it seems that 2K Games went ahead and released two of the three games already.

Both Mafia II and Mafia III got the definitive treatment and released on 19 May, with Mafia – the first game of the trilogy – needing a lot more attention, and getting the Remake treatment and taking more time to complete, and is expected to release on 28 August.

httpYouTubew.Comutube. com/watch?v=ypPHHj5eDbA

httpYouTubew.Comutube. com/watch?v=X91PvcH307E

Mafia II: Definitive Edition got a new coat of paint with new textures, a higher resolution and made in a new engine. It will include all the Docslable DLCs and add-ons. Mafia III: Definitive Edition on the other hand is essentially the same game that released in 2016, but with all the DLC and add-ons included. Mafia: Definitive Edition originally released in 2002, and will be made from the ground up, which is why we’re only seeing its release later in the year. More details on exactly what to expect will probably come as we approach the release HTTP

httpYouTubew.Comutube. com/watch?v=lbVLoi-WPsI

Finally, both Mafia II and Mafia III Definitive Editions sell for R549 on local stores, with Mafia: Definitive Edition being Docslable for pre-order for R699, but it is expected to cost a bit more. You can buy the entire bundle for R999.

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