Query: Which next-gen console did you get, or are you sticking across the present gen?

Today, the Xbox Series X/S consoles went on pre-order, meaning that hopefully by now, you would have been able to lay claim to your next-generation console of choice.

The build-up hasn’t been the smoothest of experiences, and the global pandemic certainly had an impact on the way things were communicated by the tech giants. From a neutral perspective, Microsoft seems to be more in control of what information we’re getting, even if the pricing of their new consoles had been “leaked”. The overall Xbox Package looks incredibly attractive, especially now that Microsoft has Bethesda and EA onboard with their Game Pass offering. And the fact that people on PC and even mobile can enjoy it shows that Microsoft has shifted perspective completely.

Sony, on the other hand, has a very strong PlayStation Library, all of which will be available on the new PlayStation 5. They also have some amazing looking exclusive games in the pipeline, which has their fans excited and will undoubtedly drive sales for the hardware. We’ve already seen the pandemonium of people desperately trying to secure their PS5s, so we know the console is going to be popular. Sony however hasn’t been that transparent when it comes to exactly what the PS5 will be offering in terms of backwards compatibility, expanding storage on so on.

Both the Xbox and PlayStation 5 offerings are looking very sexy, and even though the one is more powerful than the other, and that argument will definitely come up in fanboynsole fanbisn often it often isn’t about the raw power but ratutilizedit is utilised. We won’t be able to really know exactly what the hardware is capable of until we get our hands on it, or when Digital Foundry tells us.

So which did you choose?

So with all that in mind, I really have a simple question. If you’re buying into the next generation on Day 1, which one did you choose? Or are you waiting it out simply because you’re not convinced by what either is offering? Neither really has any exclusives launching with them, with almost everything available on current-gen consoles or PC.

Personally, I would have loved a new PlayStation 5, and I could probably afford it if I made a few other sacrifices, but to be honest I find it very hard to justify. There is nothing exclusive on PlayStation 5 that I have to play. Sure you get shiny graphics and Ray-Tracing, but is it really that important? When the next God of War releases though, that will be a different kettle of fish.

I honestly also think that the Xbox offering is just a lot more attractive with Game Pass. The Series S also makes it a lot easier to get into it, since it has a much better price point. But then again, everything you get on the Series X/S is available on Xbox One and even PC, so why get it right now? Sure graphics and all those T/Flops, but is it really that important?

Anyway, enough from me and my thoughts on it. What are your thoughts? And who are you throwing your money at?

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