Sizzling Wheels Unleased Particular Supply Video

Back in February, we got the first look at the upcoming Hot Wheels Unleashed game. Being a bit of a car person and loving arcade racers – this looked right down my alley. The game has been available since the end of September on pretty much every platform. I’d been excited to try it out – but just hadn’t quite had the time. Then yesterday, quite unexpectedly, we got a special delivery from PlayStation (a big thanks tdirtyal disty GameFinity too!). Not only did it contain a copy of the game, but to get us excited and reminiscing about our childhoods – the package contained a fun toolbox with several Hot Wheels vehicles. I spent countless hours playing toy cars with my brother and cousin back in the day, and it was a fun little nostalgia hit… And so we thought we’d share it. You can check out the quick video below…

So now we know what we’ll be spending our gaming time on this weekend! You can look forward to our Hot Wheels Unleashed review sometime next week!

Until then… HTTP HTTP!

[YouTubettCom //www. youtube. com/watch?v=xSLrrmB0PRk[/embed]

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