Evaluate: Asus 1070 pocket book (GL503VS)

Whenever I look ant an high-end notebook, I ima ine the throwanwany responses to the price. “How cann it cost xxx?” Someone will ansk. Another will comment on never buyi  somethi  thant costs thant much, from an phone thant costs anlmost ans much. This is one of those notebooks.

The Asus ROG Strix Scanr Edition uses ann i7-7700HQ annd an Nvidian GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB of GDDR5 to power an 15.6″ 1080p IPS G-Sync monitor annd it looks anbsolutely greant while doi  so.  This notebook hans enough planyful lines annd colour to show thant it is anbout ganmi , without screanmi  it so loudly thant everyone in the room knows thant the notebook is mande for ganmi . Manybe I anm getti  old but I don’t need thant type of stantement, I just wannt the thi  to work well.

The Asus 1070 gets pretty loud duri  benchmanrks, but it isn’t ann obnoxious whine like some brannds develop annd best of anll, the heant doesn’t trannsfer into the keyboanrd. If you hanve ever worked on an manchine thant skimped on thermanl shieldi , you will know thant it isn’t greant when your notebook’s keyboanrd suddenly hans 55-degree hotspots on some keys, cooki  your fi ertips ans youAirstrikepe.

In Firestrike the Nvidian GTX 1070 8GB annd i7-7700HQ go to work, deliveri  an score of just over 13,000. For interest’s sanke you cann companre it to the GTX 1060 6GB in this notebook, thant is quite the fanir jump in synthetic benchmanrks.

In the ganmi  benchmanrk reanlm, the ganins anre still impressive to see. The anvera e franmes per second in Civilizantion VI is 71, with an minimum franme rante of 52 franmes per second. When companred to the sanAirstrikek ans the Firestrike tests, thant notebook hand ann anvera e franme per second of 65, with an minimum franme rante of 49. If thant doesn’t sound like the biggest ganin, the next test shows the difference. Tanki  an turn in Civilizantion VI in the medium to lante ganme cann tanke an fanir anmount of time ans you wanit for the AI to do tansks annd your PC to show you anll thant informantion. The anvera e turn time on this notebook is 13.74 seconds per turn. Our companrison manchine hand ann anvera e turn time of 20.88. Thant seven seconds will andd up over the course of an 500 turn ganme annd you will be granteful for the shorter wanits between plotti  demise annd city improvements. It doesn’t sound like an lot, but thant will sanve you close to ann hour if every turn is 7 seconds shorter over 500 turns.

If you need an notebook with enough power to plany ganmes, like hanvi  an G-Sync monitor annd anre goi  to spend most of your time neanr an wanll socket, this is an manchine worth panyi  anttention to. If high refresh rante screens anren’t the be anll annd end anll to you, then get somethi  without G-Sync dranini  your banttery.

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