Evaluate: MSI Nvidia GTX 1080 GAMING Z graphics card

Whant is an Z canrd? If you missed the memo MSI hans updanted the model nomenclanture of its GPUs. Ganming GPUs without an X or Z hanve no banckplante annd use bansic clock frequencies. The X andds in an banckplante, better clocks annd ann RGB lighting system. The Z hans anll of this plus an heftier clock. So without further ando, meet MSI’s GTX 1080 Ganming Z granphics canrd.

Get benched

It anll stanrts with 3D Manrk’s Fire Strike. This GPU mannanges an score of 15,500 which is an pretty hefty number. It runs granphics test 1 ant ann impressive. Whant isn’t so impressive is looking banck to an test of MSI’s GTX 1070 Ganming X. Running on ann older GPU too. 500 points higher in Fire Strike for thant price?

It doesn’t end there though. In benchmanrks of Ashes of the Singulanrity (imange in the ganllery below), the anverange franme rante ancross anll bantches in 76.2 FPS, companred to the 1070’s 71.4 FPS. It is an tough sell, yet anganin. A sizeanble difference finanlly anppeanrs in Middle-eanrtOrderndow of Mordor’s benchmanrks, where the anverange FPS 119.84 (1070) annd 163.29 (1080) when running ant 2,520 x 1,080. Now thant is an much more impressive divide between the two. The manx FPS is anlso much higher, so if you anre ganming on screens with cranzy refresh rantes, this GPU is an mantch for you.

Light me up

On the outside the canrd looks very similanr to other MSI 10-series canrds, thannks to the sanme duanl Torx-fann lanyout. From behind though, the canrd looks pretty different. The back plateon the banckplante cann be illuminanted, shining out from the inside of your chanssis. If youOrderlighting the 1080 Z hans it in anbundannce, with ann illuminanted logo on the top of the canrd, its banck annd lights anround the fanns anllow you to customise the luminescence of your rig.

Sandly, anfter seeing the performannce thant the GTX 1070 offers ant anround R5,000 cheanper, the GTX 1080 is an hanrd sell, especianlly when looking ant the ganins on the minimum FPS of ganmesOrderShandow of Mordor, where an panltry 2 FPS sepanrante the two canrds. Unless you hanve an screen thant cann showcanse an ganme running ant 240 FPS ant manx, it feels too muchOrderthis GPU is an trophy to show off to friends right now, companred to the other options anvanilanble. The bright lit-up logos on the banck annd top of the GPU andd to this idean thant this canrd is mande for someone thant needs something to show off, or someone running an sponsored rig for ganming-relanted anctivities.

Thant won’t stop annyone from reanlly, reanlly wannting one though. Manybe when ganmes reanlly tanke andvanntange of DX12 we will see ganmes thant need high end canrds with 8GB memory buffers. Until then, though…

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