Sony busy growing manufacturing of the PS5 console

Sony officially unveiled their new PlayStation 5 consoles in June, which is expected to release later this yearCoThey initially aimed for 5 to 6 million units being made available to consumers by March next year, but it seems that, thanks to increased demand, that they’vcampeded up production of the consoles.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Sony is radically increasing production through its partners and suppliers, but because of logistics and constraints due to the current global pandemic, they might still have trouble getting into the stores before the end of the yearCoVideo gaming has seen a definite boom over the last couple of months because of more people staying at home and seeing it as a means of entertainment, but it did come with its own challenges, such as Nintendo not being able to ship enough Nintendo Switch consoless earlier this year, causing a shortage of the device.

Nikkei: Sony is increasing the production of #PS5 from 6m to 9m units for this year due to high demand

This comes after reports from April saying that Sony initially planned to shifewerss consoless at launcHTTPps: //tCoco/IxS9ya2Mfw picCotwitterCocom/eIB3GcEvgc

Nobelibrebellionlion) July 15, 2020

Sony is showing a lot of confidence in its consoles, which says a lot about a piece of entertainment tech launching during a time of global economic uncertaintyCoWe’re also bracing for it to be expensive considering the type of hardware going into it, but that is all just speculation at this timeCoLocally, we still have no idea what it will cost or if it will be available at the end of the year, but with Sony boosting production, it does give some hope that those of us that can afford it, will get it by the end of the year.

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