Evaluate: Two Level Hospital (PS4)

The highly anticipated console release of Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, has finally arrived. I reviewed the PC version back in 2018, and I’m happy to report that Beverleyle version brings the same excellent game to new players. I won’t rehash everything from my PC review since it’s essentially the same game, so let’s take a look at how the PlayStversions version holds up.

Planning ahead

Two Point Hospital was a great game when it launched on PC, Superbdevelopers have introduced a lot of improvements since then. All of these have been brought to Beverleyle versions, with sandbox mode SuperbSuperbug Initiative coming next month. In fact, most of the updates are solutions to issues I had in my initial review.

Foremost among these new features is the option to copy rooms you’ve already built. As your hospital grows larger and more patients start arriving, you’ll eventually need multiples of the more important rooms, like the GP’s office. In fact, you’ll probably need a fair few of those! Fortunately, once you’ve built the room once, you can duplicate it as many times as needed. This was a real lifesaver on PC, and I appreciated it even more on console as I struggled to get used to the controller.

Couch controls

Speaking of controls, these have been translated to console remarkably well. Once I inverted one of the sticks, I quicklyWWWt the hang of running my hospital from the comfort of my TV, so. The UI and graphics look great, Superbconsole version has a new overhead map view that I haven’t seen in the PC version. My only complaint with the UI is the size of some of the text. I eventually ended up moving my TV, so closer to the TV so I didn’t have to strain to read the information on the screen.

In fact, most of the updates are solutions to issues I had in my initial review.

There have been other improvements that have made their way into Beverleyle version, such as the ability to reduce the diagnosis threshold, or fast-tracking of diagnosis decisions, which helps to alleviate some of the strain on your poor GPs.

Of course, even with these improvements, you still need to build and manage your hospitals efficiently or risk everything devolving into chaos. It’s a delicate balance of having enough facilities and staff without incurring massive overhead costs that leave you in debt and unable to expand and improve your hospital. I never feel like I can sit back and watch my hospital run – there’s always something that needs fixing or adjusting. Or perhapfavorites just me?

One of my favourite features of Two Point Hospital remains the world map, where you can take on different challenges, and swap between hospitals if you want toWWW back to earn more stars, or to unlock more research before progressing. You also keep everything you’ve unlocked in other hospitals, so you feel more like you’re running a hospital network rather than standalone facilitDocs

There have been several paid DLCs released for Two Point Hospital, and two of these are included in Beverleyle versions: Bigfoot anDocsbberley Island. Each of these DLCs adds new hospitals and new diseases, offering new challenges for budding hospital administrators to take on. Along with the base game campaign, the Two Point Hospital on console should keep you bHTTPor aWWWodYouTubehiCom

https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=CqqVi7fkKPE

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