Gears Techniques Achievements Information

The Gears Techniques achievements information lists each achievement for this PC & later Xbox One turn-based technique sport and tells you how one can get and unlock all of them.

Within the Gears Techniques achievement information we’ll present there are 50 Achievements (6 Secret Achievements) with a complete of 1,000 Gamerscore factors to earn within the PC and Xbox One variations.

Index of Gears Techniques Guides:

Gears Techniques Achievement Information

01. Champion of Vasgar (40 Gamerscore Factors) — Full all Marketing campaign Acts (any problem).

02. Hero of Vasgar (60 Gamerscore Factors) — Full all Marketing campaign Acts on Skilled or Insane problem.

03. Savior of Vasgar (80 Gamerscore Factors) — Full all Marketing campaign Acts on Insane problem.

04. Smash! (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a Sabotage facet mission.

05. Fortuna Audaces Sequitur (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a Scavenger Run facet mission.

06. Everybody keep cool, this can be a theft! (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a Management facet mission.

07. Stronger Collectively (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a Rescue facet mission.

08. We’re within the endgame now (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a Veteran Mission.

09. I might do that all day (30 Gamerscore Factors) — Full 20 Veteran Missions.

10. Grubslayer (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill 10 enemies.

11. Grubslaughter (20 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill 1000 enemies.

12. Grubpocalypse (50 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill 10000 enemies.

13. Techniques! (5 Gamerscore Factors) — Carry out a chainsaw execution.

14. Tick Tick Tick… (5 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill an enemy with a Ticker explosion.

Ideas: The earliest you encounter Tickers are in Act 2, Chapter 3: Awol. The Tickers transfer randomly in the direction of you. You’ll be able to kick them and earlier than you do intention it towards some close by Locusts. — Earlier than you explode or kick a Ticker, ensure that to first weaken the close by Locusts to ensure they get killed by the Ticker explosion.

Word: You’ll be able to reload the checkpoint to retry this as many instances as you want.

15. Increase! (30 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill 100 enemies with Ticker explosions.

16. Legen (await it)… (20 Gamerscore Factors) — Improve one main weapon with all Legendary mods.

17. …dary! (40 Gamerscore Factors) — Improve every Hero’s main weapon with all Legendary mods.

18. I’m Ironman (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Full the Marketing campaign on any problem with Ironman mode enabled.

19. God-like (20 Gamerscore Factors) — Full 20 missions with none of your items dying or being downed.

20. Immortal (40 Gamerscore Factors) — Full 100 missions with none of your items dying or being downed.

21. I by no means miss (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Hit a goal with 10% or much less probability to hit.

22. Joyful Killmore (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Shut an Emergence Gap by kicking a Ticker into it.

23. I’ve received your ‘BOOM’ proper right here! (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill a Boomer with a boomshot.

Gears Techniques – I’ve received your ‘BOOM’ proper right here! – Achievement Information

24. The trail of the righteous man (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a mission with none of your items dying or being downed.

25. BOGO (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill an enemy, AND an enemy behind it, with a single burst of bullets.

Tip: Can simply be achieved on Act 1, Chapter 2. There’s a considerable amount of Wretches that spawn when you attain the down Raven. Wretches spawn normally in teams of Four and can keep collectively. You’ll simply have ensure you have the suitable traces of sight that when you hit the primary you’ll hit the second. I might counsel a heavy unit, as their mulcher will simply undergo two wretches.

Gears Techniques – BOGO – Achievement Information

26. Trick Shot (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Get Four kills with a single Torque Bow shot.

27. Demolition Skilled (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Shut an Emergence Gap earlier than any enemies have emerged.

Tip: Will be achieved very quick in Act 1, Chapter 4. After you’ve made it to the Rig. There will likely be a fast remark from Sid concerning the Grubs tunneling beneath us and you will note an emergence gap forming to the left of the Rig perimeter, when you’ve left the video angle the identical from the start. Now you possibly can merely plant a frag grenade on the Emergence Gap earlier than it opens to blow it up!

Gears Techniques – Demolition Skilled – Achievement Information

28. Excessive Midday (30 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a mission by solely dealing harm with Snub Pistols.

Tip: Will be achieved in Act 1 Chapter 3. It’s achieved the place you rescue two Gears in pods. You don’t should kill all enemies right here, therefore it’s best to perform on this mission, particularly when taking part in on Newbie problem because it retains the enemies low sufficient in case you make some errors. Simply ensure you change to your Snub Pistols instantly on all characters after they grow to be accessible, together with the Rescued Gears.

Word: You’ll be able to Execute a downed Grub, however you can’t chainsaw or bayonet execute anybody or the achievement is null and void.

Gears Techniques – Excessive Midday – Achievement Information

29. Ain’t nobody like me, ‘cept me! (30 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a mission on Insane problem with a single soldier.

30. Immortal Legion (50 Gamerscore Factors) — Full the marketing campaign on Insane problem with no single unit dying.

31. Significantly Tactical (100 Gamerscore Factors) — Earn Grubpocalypse, Immortal Legion, I May Do This All Day and Increase!

32. Try the large mind on Brett! (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill 5 enemies with a single Overwatch motion.

Gears Techniques – Try the large mind on Brett! – Achievement Information

33. Pinata (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill a single unit that has taken harm from every Gear on the mission.

Gears Techniques – Pinata – Achievement Information

34. Snafu (5 Gamerscore Factors) — Heal an enemy unit with a Stim Grenade.

Gears Techniques – Snafu – Achievement Information

35. Aw man, I shot Marvin within the face (5 Gamerscore Factors) — Down a Gear with pleasant fireplace.

Tip: Be sure that a teammate is in between you and your enemy goal, in order that they get taken down by pleasant fireplace.

36. Oh I’m sorry did I break your focus? (5 Gamerscore Factors) — Interrupt an enemy Overwatch with a Disrupting Shot from the Snub Pistol.

37. We must always have shotguns for this… (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Full a Veteran Mission with all Scout items.

38. Backdoor Man (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Kill 6 targets with a single Rampage, after popping out of Cloak.

Gears Techniques – Backdoor Man – Achievement Information

39. Three Rely (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Hit with Three Explosive Photographs whereas having most Anchored bonus in a single flip.

40. Hassle in Paradise (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Empower a Teamworked unit and acquire Three AP from their kills.

Gears Techniques – Hassle in Paradise – Achievement Information

41. Midnight Hour (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Acquire AP from the Avenger talent, then use a Rage shot to kill the unit that brought about your AP acquire.

Gears Techniques – Midnight Hour – Achievement Information

42. Up Up Down Down (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Use Alpha and Omega twice every in the identical flip.

Gears Techniques – Up Up Down Down – Achievement Information

43. The Large Ending (20 Gamerscore Factors) — Revive a Scout with Stim skill after which use that Scout to kill not less than 5 enemies with Rampage.

44. Nice vengeance and livid anger… (20 Gamerscore Factors) — In a single flip, Breach Three enemies; kill considered one of every with Precision Shot, Reckless Shot and Double Shot.

Gears Techniques – Nice vengeance and livid anger… – Achievement Information

Secret Achievements:

45. World on Hearth (5 Gamerscore Factors) — Full the Tutorial Mission.

46. Hell of a shot (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Group up with Mikayla.

Tip: You get a brand new Gear referred to as Mikayla to affix your staff after finishing Act 1 Chapter 3. You’ll be able to play as Mikayla in Act 1 Chapter 4, full the mission, after which log off. Then open the sport again up, after loading again right into a sport and ready a short while the achievement unlocks.

47. The larger they’re, the more durable they fall (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Defeat the Brumak.

Ideas: Will be achieved in Act 1, Chapter 6: Into the Hearth. Because the Brumak boss battle begins, your squad of Four is cut up by the edges. It’s advocate you’re taking out the machine weapons off the Brumak first, because it limits its assault sample to easily stomp and missile barrage (which additionally takes out any enemies in its vary). — Strive your finest to maintain the Brumak in the midst of the display screen and chip the well being down, as you get a checkpoint about midway in the direction of his well being bar. There’s one other checkpoint on this battle after taking down the primary two tanks.

Word: As you destroy the tanks on the Brumak’s again, there will likely be Emergence Holes that pop up with wretches. Take out the E-Holes rapidly earlier than they open by putting a frag grenade on high of them, in order that they don’t trigger any points for you.

48. Perhaps an excessive amount of backbone… (10 Gamerscore Factors) — Secret Achievement.

49. Damaged hand, damaged coronary heart (20 Gamerscore Factors) — Defeat the Corpser.

Ideas: Will be achieved in Act 2. Chapter 8: Trapped. The Corpser assaults embody: Sweeping a big space with its legs. Spitting out round Three proximity mines. Because it will get near dying it’ll sweep 2 areas and spit much more mines. And it’ll use its legs to protect up. However you possibly can shoot or use explosives to open the legs.

There will likely be Emergence Holes that may spawn. Take out the E-Holes rapidly earlier than they open by putting a frag grenade on high of them. Drones and wretches will spawn periodically. Care for them so that you don’t get overwhelmed. — Be sure that when you possibly can to benefit from executes / chainsaws / bayonet expenses, so that you get an additional flip on your squad.

50. Useless males inform no tales (20 Gamerscore Factors) — Secret Achievement.

Word: They clearly had enjoyable naming these achievement titles, a number of quotes from Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Jules Winnfield, and Vincent Vega.


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