Infinite Easter Eggs & Secrets and techniques

Let’s check out some humorous Halo 6: Infinite easter eggs & secrets and techniques! They are often discovered if you understand the place to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Halo 6: Infinite. Watch footage of all of them beneath.

Index of Halo 6: Infinite Guides:

Halo 6: Infinite Easter Eggs Listing

Halo: Infinite Multiplayer Easter Eggs & Secrets and techniques

At the moment all of the easter egg and secret spots that may be discovered within the Halo: Infinite multiplayer maps.

From Pink VS. Blue references to hidden 8-bit Halo music in Arcade machines.

Halo: Infinite Multiplayer – All Easter Eggs & Secrets and techniques

Up subsequent, the Mythbusters uncover secrets and techniques whereas making an attempt to bust some myths.

Learn how to redirect missiles mid-air and the way closing doorways can propel you to the opposite aspect of the map!

Halo Infinite Mythbusters – Vol. 1

Halo: Infinite Marketing campaign Easter Eggs & Secrets and techniques

Marketing campaign Timeline:

  • 0:00 Peanut the Area Gopher
  • 0:50 Large Sandwich
  • 1:19 Authentic Xbox
  • 1:40 Halo Theme View
  • 2:15 Marketing campaign Arcade Machine
  • 2:46 Craig Picture
  • 3:07 Blood Gulch Map
  • 3:27 Craig Zeta Halo World Tour
  • 4:18 Mr Meeseeks Field
  • 4:42 Halo Plushies
  • 5:49 Pink vs Blue
  • 6:05 Pink vs Blue Sheila
  • 6:20 Airstrike
  • 7:14 Home of Reckoning Three Pink Buttons
  • 7:42 Mining Laser Easter Egg
  • 8:26 Scorpion Gun Glitch
  • 8:58 Twin Wielding Grunt
  • 9:16 Memorial
  • 10:00 Grunt Sings Halo Theme
  • 10:11 Grunt breaks 4th wall

Halo Infinite – All Marketing campaign Easter Eggs & Secrets and techniques

Discoveries made by Garbett & DefendTheHouse.

Have you ever discovered any Halo: Infinite easter eggs?

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